Since you know the different types of roulette that exist, as well as those particularities that characterize this excellent fun, it is prudent that you be aware of the rules of roulette Malaysia online casino, each of the aspects that govern this game.

Next, a series of parameters to take into account to fully master this game will be shown, referring, of course, to the different types of bets that can be made together with the profits that would be received if it is won:

Simple or simple bet

It is the most used in casinos. As the name implies, the bet is made on a single number. By winning, the bettor receives the equivalent of 35 times his bet.

Double or split bet

It is the bet that is played simultaneously on two numbers. Whoever plays like this and wins, receives the equivalent of 17 times what they bet.

Triple or trio bet

In this bet the player places chips on three numbers simultaneously. If any of the numbers you bet on comes up, you will win the equivalent of 11 times the money placed on those digits.

Angle or corner bet

It consists of betting by placing the chips right at the intersection where 4 numbers match. If any of the digits where the money was located comes out, 8 times the bet will be won.

Street or street bet

It is a bet that is made crosswise on three numbers. It consists of placing the (or chips) just on the line that is located on the outside of a row corresponding to three numbers. If the player wins, he receives the equivalent of 11 times the bet.

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Bet online or six

It consists of betting on six numbers simultaneously, placing the chips right on the outer line where the intersection of two rows of three numbers occurs, or, as they are also called: two “streets”. If the roulette wheel stops at any of the indicated numbers, the player wins the equivalent of five times the bet.


Bet on dozens

To carry out this type of bets, the player must place the chips in one of the indicated boxes: 12P, 12M or 12D. When the player wins, he doubles his money, that is, he receives twice the equivalent of the bet.

Betting on two dozen

By doing so, regardless of the order (12M with 12P, or 12P with 12D, or 12D with 12M), and winning, the player receives half of the bet.

Bet on “miss” or “pass”

It refers to the bet that is placed right in the middle of the numbers on the table. If you place your money in “missing”, you are indicating that you bet on the digits that go from 1 to 18. If, on the contrary, you place your bet on “passes”, you are indicating that you bet on the digits that go from 19 to 36.

Whatever your decision between these two options, you will receive the equivalent of what you bet. That is to say: if you bet one euro, you will receive one euro of profit.

Bet on odd or even, also called odd or even

The player chooses to bet only on the odd or even numbers. The number zero does not benefit either of the two choices. If the player wins, they will receive the equivalent of the bet.…

It is not known for sure from which exact culture the popular game comes from, but historically it is more similar to the Italian lottery, which for more than five hundred years has been played in this country, becoming essential when generating annual income of millions of dollars.

The first to adopt the custom of playing bingo were the French, who established the rules that are used today. Only the high society enjoyed this privilege. Later, it spread throughout Europe until it reached North America through small-town fairs and circuses.

But What Is Bingo All About?

Bingo is the game of chance par excellence that can occur among many people, and that consists of marking certain numbers on cards that an announcer draws randomly from a drum, and dictates them. These numbers come in the form of balls.

The game ends and is won when a player has achieved a pattern or has crossed out all the numbers that appear on the card. It sounds easy enough, but the truth is that it takes a bit to be victorious in this game, and many people tend to lose large amounts of money.

For that reason we invite you to learn the essential tactics through free bingo on our websites, to become an expert without investing anything. After you are a bingo professional, and you know the famous “bingo strategies”, you can take advantage of it and win real money.

Stay in this post if you want to learn more about the subject. We are not going to simply teach you how to play, we have provided you with a lot of valuable information, in addition to certain important aspects that you must learn to win at the casino from home.

Types Of Bingo

Although bingo has many versions, each of them, finally, is an adaptation of the original game. There are only two variations of bingo, and they depend on the number of balls listed that are dictated, these are: 90 balls and 75 balls.

Bingo 90

This modality is played with balls numbered from 1 to 90, in collective games rooms simultaneously. The cards are also 15 numbers out of 90 and are only valid for one game, it is the most popular since you have more chances of winning.

Bingo 75

It is the type of bingo most played in the United States, in this modality there are balls that go from number 1 to 75. The objective is also to mark the card, but with the difference that it can be won by creating patterns such as: lines , crosses or diagonals.

Bingo 33

It is the classic 90 bingo game with the same card system, but much faster. It consists of extracting 33 numbered balls and at the end corroborating the bingo obtained from each player, by double line or full card.