Characteristics And Origins Of Casino Baccarat

After the appearance of the first playing cards in ancient China, their gradual evolution by the Arabs and the assimilation by a large number of African and Asian cultures, this marvelous pastime reached Europe.

Being the decks in the artistic continent par excellence, many were the games that were developed for people to have fun with them.

The total of activities that were created for recess is uncertain. What is clear to us is that certain distractions remained in the minds and hearts of the inhabitants, Baccarat was one of them.

Italians And French Fight For Baccarat

As with a significant number of ancient games, as there is no one to speak in their formal register, and having appeared among the entertainment and entertainment of the towns, the exact origin of Baccarat is unknown.

There is a historical dispute between the Italians and the French about its creation. Both nationalities attribute the fact of having devised it.

However, at this point, and with how easy it can be to elaborate supposed historical papers, comments and statements, it is almost impossible to establish to which country the original idea is owed.

Now, if there is something that in a certain way benefits the Italians over the French, it is that the term “Bacarra” is a word typical of their language, and it is the word with which the game was initially known.

But of course, this is not totally decisive, let’s remember the case of the Twenty-One, which was born in Europe, but it was in the United States, centuries after its appearance, that the term Blackjack was coined.

Be that as it may, the truth is that Baccarat arrived on European soil to take over the attention of its inhabitants and be one of the main games in its casinos.

French Variations Of Baccarat

Although it is already well known that we do not owe the name of the game to the French, but not a large number of innovative rules and interesting variations that still remain today.

In Cheming de Fer, played only in casinos in Europe, the player can influence the end with his decisions and in Banque, the banker has more resources for betting. Both are little played at the moment, being the version that we will explain here the one that predominates worldwide.

It must be clear that since its appearance this game was the favorite of the aristocrats of the time. Only the wealthiest played it, betting large amounts of money on it.

Not in vain did Fleming himself, author of the famous James Bond novels, coined in his writings that the favorite game of the detective who is the protagonist of his stories was Baccarat.

Baccarat On American Soil

From France and Italy, Baccarat was transferred to England. Being on Anglo-Saxon soil, several of the rules were modified. From England the game was later transferred to various Canadian colonies and from there it spread throughout the Americas.

At first, the reception that this game had in America was not very good, but with the passing of time it crept in, reaching a large part of the assiduous population of casinos.

In Cuba, Argentina and the United States, after the 1950s, it became very popular among the upper classes of the time. The casinos were filled with people willing solely and exclusively to play Baccarat. The variety of its game theme and its interactivity led it to easily win over the public.

As the game maintained its elite airs in the 70s, in order to bring all types of players to their tables, the owners of American casinos devised several strategies to change those perspectives.

Among these, the version of “Mini Baccarat” stands out, which is nothing more than a less ostentatious way than the formal one so as not to alienate people.

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